Selling Websites On Flippa – How I Sold A Starter Website For $500.

Here’s another example of how you can make extra income selling websites on Flippa. Over the last year and a half I’ve been building and selling starter websites using WordPress and selling them on Flippa as no reserve auctions. One of the best strategies I use is building starter sites focused around trending industries. In this case I built a marijuana dispensary directory I was able to purchase the domain on GoDaddy for $9, built the site with the Listify WordPress theme and sold it as a no reserve listing for $425.

Instead of typing out the whole thing I created an on-screen video talking more in detail. Check it out!

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Flippa Listing Setup & Transfer Site To New Owner Tutorial

For those who already know WordPress and want to skip the build and design segment of the course, the segments where I setup my Flippa listings as well as how to transfer ownership of the domain and website to the new owner are sold separately here in this tutorial.