The Ultimate Guide To Selling Websites On Flippa

Learn how I earn a living selling starter websites on Flippa using WordPress.

Learn how you can build your own WordPress sites from scratch with no coding involved and sell them for thousands of dollars in my Ultimate Flippa Guide training course.

“In a gold rush, don’t dig for gold – sell the shovels”

Every single one of my Flippa listings has been successful and highly profitable, now you’ll get to see exactly how I do it, step by step, on screen and completely transparent.

    • No coding
    • No prior experience necessary
    • No Selling or cold calling.
    • Flippa listing template included.

The course is information packed with 7 hours of on-screen tutorial videos broken into multiple segments so you can watch and learn how to execute my exact strategy.

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Hey guys, Alec Larson here, you might remember reading about me in an article on Flippa about how I sold a website with no traffic or revenue for $2,050. The site was, it’s a drone pilot directory and I built it at a time when I knew almost nothing about web development. After I sold the site for $2,000 I thought, maybe I should attempt to repeat this process. So over the last few months, I’ve made a little over $14,000 in gross sales just from creating new WordPress websites and selling websites on Flippa. I’ve gotten so many requests from other users about my strategies that I decided to put together an in depth course detailing every step of my process with on screen videos. So now you can repeat my process.

There’s no “secret forumula” you’ll simply be building website ideas and selling them at auction on Flippa.

-Austin White of

What You’ll Learn In The Course

Choosing a Domain Name and Hosting Account

We’ll talk about my methods of picking the right domain name and brainstorming ideas.

Installing WordPress, Themes and Plugins

You’ll watch me on screen as I build a complete directory website on WordPress from the ground up in this 2 hour long, information packed video segment.

Site Backup and Migration

You’ll watch onscreen as I walk you through the process of backing up the site, transferring the domain and complete site to the new owner using three different methods of site migration. The migration process is one of the trickiest parts of selling websites on Flippa

Branding and Design

You’ll watch as I design a logo and feature icons in Photoshop CS6. We’ll cover things like where I get fonts, were I go to get inspiration for colors and even where to find stock photos.

Flippa Listing Setup

We’ll setup a flippa listing from the ground up. You’ll learn my exact methods of setting up a successful listing, why I set my auctions at no reserve, the best days for posting a listing and you’ll even get my free listing template so you can easily setup your listing.

Thats not all….. In addition to the main course you’ll get these 2 extra bonus segments:

Learn my due diligence process for buying websites on flippa

We’ll talk about my process for performing due diligence when finding income producing websites on Flippa. You’ll learn how to use tools like Open Site Explorer, SEM Rush and Google Analytics to filter through websites for sale on Flippa.

Acquiring Web Development Jobs

We’ll talk about how I’ve made an extra $7k just from building other Flippa users websites. You’ll learn how building and selling great looking and functioning sites on Flippa can bring you red hot website leads for extra income.

Why Should You Start Selling Websites On Flippa?

It’s starting to seem like creating a startup, hoping to build the next Facebook or Spotify has developed into a new trend. While it’s not impossible to find massive success or that huge pay day, I believe that there are more opportunities in selling the tools, (the websites, plugins, themes, email services, creative tools etc.)

“In a gold rush, don’t dig for gold, sell the shovels”.

While everyone is out digging for the gold, I’ll show you how to sell the shovels.

The offer….

selling websites on flippa

Get the whole 7 hour video course plus my Flippa listing template for only $97


Yes, I’m so confident that you’ll be completely satisfied with my course that I’m offering a full money back guarantee.

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